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Window Art

Our windows were designed, created and installed for us by Architectural Glass Artist Mark Eric Gulsrud in 1990.

Our windows were designed, created and installed for us by Architectural Glass Artist Mark Eric Gulsrud in 1990. He provided the statement below for the installation of our windows in October 1990.

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Artist’s Statement

The leaded artglass of Our Saviour Lutheran Church is best viewed wholistically; all windows relate to each other as a continuous environment enveloping the sanctuary.
The essence of the design is a strong personal reaction to the Wonder of God’s Creation so evident in this area. There is a strong sense of water and air, or the basic elements, as majestic mountains erupt from rich flat plains and seas.
A personal symbolic language is incorporated throughout the design as well. Strong horizontal bands create a visual foundation throughout the environment. We all need a strong philosophical foundation unifying our lives and making them meaningful and fulfilling.
Circles or spheres representative, both historically and to me, of God, Oneness with God and Self, and fulfilment are nestled within organic shapes. The organic shapes, representative of Life Force, or the Human element, evolve and grow, searching for the spheres, cradling them, accepting or rejecting them.
The rigid structural lines suggest the restrictions within which our lives are lead, whether they be moral, legal, or whatever. They are positive elements making the design more dynamic and Life more meaningful.
Large arcs suggest the rainbow; a sign of God’s promise to us all. They help to unify the environment much as God’s promise helps to unify us as a people.
The “woven grid” background is suggestive of a tapestry. Much as the threads intertwine, many individuals interact to create the “fabric” of the church. Occasional crosses suggest something special at particular intersections.
The South, or far left, window seems to thrust upward through the ceiling breaking the bonds of the structure. It is meant to be suggestive of Resurrection and the freeing of restraints.
A predominately cool palette helps to call up a calming environment; one conducive to worship, healing, and personal growth.
Mark Eric Gulsrud