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Martin Luther (1483 – 1546)

Lutherans are the oldest protestant denomination. Martin Luther (1483-1546) never intended to start a new church but only to renew the church of his day.

We speak of ourselves as Christians first and Lutherans second, which means that we have much in common with other Christian Churches while we have a unique perspective shaped by Luther’s discoveries and 500 years of history as Lutheran church.

At the core of our belief is that God always makes the first move. As God created us, God also loved us before we were made, before we were born, and before we began asking about God. God’s love and grace are the foundation for our asking about God and our faith in God. And like in the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) God is always ready to embrace us even before we are.

And so we know that even wanting to know God is a gift and that all goodness in our life is a sign of God’s blessing. The practice of our faith in worship, witness, and serving others is our response to God’s reaching out.

We believe that the central event of our salvation was Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection. In taking on our humanity by being born a child, living among us, and dying on the cross God made visible that his love knows no limits and that God is present in all our humanity including where we would least expect God.

In Jesus’s offering of himself on the cross and in his resurrection we find forgiveness, life and salvation. God is present in Word, in the sacraments, in the communion of believers, in our neighbour, and in all blessings we receive. We believe that God is continually planning new things with us so we must not stand still but be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God speaks to us through the scriptures of the Old and New Testament, that in the witness of the scriptures we meet God.

There are more than 70 million Lutheran Christians worldwide, 66 million are represented by the Lutheran World Federation.

Our congregation belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is Canada ‘s largest Lutheran denomination with approximately 180,000 baptized members in over 600 congregations.

As Lutherans we are grateful for our specific calling but we know we are not alone but belong to the communion of all God’s people. We have a special relationship with The Anglican Church of Canada. Through the Waterloo Declaration we recognize that we fully share in Christ’s ministry. We know ourselves as part of the church of Christ that encompasses all Christians and in the sense in which our worship, theology, and practice are rooted in the faith and traditions of the apostles.

We welcome any other questions you may have. Questions are welcome, as are you.