The link to tonight’s Holden Evening Prayer at 7 pm will be posted here around 6:40 pm on March 26.

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Bulletin for March 29

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Dear Friends in Christ,

These are unusual times.
Many churches have suspended all public events, together with schools, libraries, and many other institutions.
The proper response to COVID-19 remains physical distancing to protect ourselves and others and to self-isolate if experiencing symptoms or after out of country travel.
For more details see the site of the BC Centre for Disease Control:

What are we doing at Our Saviour?

While we have plenty of space, we encourage you to remain home for your safety, the safety of others, in simply in solidarity with each other. Strangely, remaining apart can bring us together because we act to protect one another.

We are live streaming our services on YouTube. There is a bit of a learning curve but we expect to be quite good at it by the time this is all over. We have made some changes since March 22nd and expect better sound quality and faster upload speeds for March 29. For the time being the service will best be viewed on a tablet or computer.

Gathering for worship (in our homes) at the usual time will help us be community together, even without being in the same space. In this time of uncertainty it is good to maintain our practice of gathering for worship with our community on Sunday Mornings at 10 am. Habits give us stability and our worship helps us remember that we worship the One who made heaven and earth and who has counted even the hairs on our head. (Matthew 10:30)

The Sunday bulletin is available for download below and contains everything you will need for the service.

Three more things:
a) Remember to call each other. Check in on each other. Some of us will feel lonely. Some of us may need help and even if you do not deliver the help, you may be able to help problem solve.
b) You may borrow a hymn book for home use. The hymn book contains many inspiring prayers that may guide you in these times; and Morning and Evening Prayer must not be sung (as both are set to music) but can be read.
c) Remember the financial needs of the church. We want the church to continue through these difficult times.Let me know when you will stop by to ensure that someone is here.

In Christ,

Pastor Christoph