Welcome back!

While we are excited to meet again in person, we also remain cautious. We ask  anyone experiencing covid-like symptoms to remain at home. We also require everyone to wear  a mask. We will have doors open to provide for good ventilation. Because of this, you may want to dress warmly. We are still in conversation about when we will resume Sunday School.

Our Covid protocol is posted here.

We are also streaming on our YouTube channel:


The bulletin for May 15, 2022 can be downloaded here: 2022 05 29 Easter7 and 2022 05 29 Insert

What to expect:

We gather for worship on Sundays at 10 am.
We are a welcoming, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic community. We care about the world God has made and seek to love as God loves.
We are a liturgical church, which means what we do in worship is our worship and not the minister’s or musicians’ worship. In this we follow ancient practice and are connected to the church around the world.
We like music and like to sing. Our worship consists of Word and Meal. We begin with words that focus, ground, and remind us that be belong with God. We end with Holy Communion, the sacred meal we share in which God gifts Godself and makes us new.

Our Sunday School (when it resumes) takes place in age appropriate groupings during the first half of worship, then joins the rest of us for Holy Communion.

Our Sunday Morning worship lasts a little over an hour. There is time for coffee and conversation following the service.