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Violence and our Relationship with God

by Christoph

I realize I am posting the same piece twice (here and in ‘sermons’. However, in case you didn’t hear/read the homily, you can find it here. Obviously, I think it’s important. šŸ™‚   The attack on the Muslim family in London, ON is too much for me. And I am not even Muslim. I cannot […]

Privilege and Following Jesus

by Christoph

I am signatory to an open letter in support of Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix. The letter was written as a response to the fact that a few churches who are either non-compliant with provincial health orders or in vocal opposition to them appear to have drawn much […]

Address at KPU’s 4th-Annual UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

by Christoph

February 6: Pancakes for Peace I was one of a number of local faith representatives to give a brief address. My notes are below: Thank you for the invitation. It is good to be with you. Lutherans are a Christian denomination that came about approximately 500 years ago during an era we call the Reformation. […]


by Christoph

A few years ago I read in an editorial by an editorial cartoonist the line that ā€˜Osama bin Laden had done for American introspection what Hitler had done for the square moustache.ā€™ The writer of the sentence is American, so he is allowed to make such a statement whereas I cannot and would not. However, […]

What is the meaning of ā€œEvangelicalā€?

by Christoph

We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). My Evangelical friends tend to assume that ā€œEvangelicalā€ in the name of our church means the same as what is described as ā€œEvangelicalā€ in Evangelical Churches or in Evangelicalism. It does not. The ā€œEvangelicalā€ in Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada simply means ā€œPertaining to […]