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Violence and our Relationship with God

by Christoph

I realize I am posting the same piece twice (here and in ‘sermons’. However, in case you didn’t hear/read the homily, you can find it here. Obviously, I think it’s important. šŸ™‚   The attack on the Muslim family in London, ON is too much for me. And I am not even Muslim. I cannot […]

Privilege and Following Jesus

by Christoph

I am signatory to an open letter in support of Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix. The letter was written as a response to the fact that a few churches who are either non-compliant with provincial health orders or in vocal opposition to them appear to have drawn much […]

Address at KPU’s 4th-Annual UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

by Christoph

February 6: Pancakes for Peace I was one of a number of local faith representatives to give a brief address. My notes are below: Thank you for the invitation. It is good to be with you. Lutherans are a Christian denomination that came about approximately 500 years ago during an era we call the Reformation. […]

Following Jesus, Christian Unity, and Inter-Faith

by Christoph

It is good to be with you all. Thank you for the invitation.1 I want to remind you a story form a few years ago. 10th Ave Alliance Church in Vancouver decided to renovate the front of their building. Because work was being done on the front of the building, neighbours who came to the […]


by Christoph

A few years ago I read in an editorial by an editorial cartoonist the line that ā€˜Osama bin Laden had done for American introspection what Hitler had done for the square moustache.ā€™ The writer of the sentence is American, so he is allowed to make such a statement whereas I cannot and would not. However, […]

What is the meaning of ā€œEvangelicalā€?

by Christoph

We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). My Evangelical friends tend to assume that ā€œEvangelicalā€ in the name of our church means the same as what is described as ā€œEvangelicalā€ in Evangelical Churches or in Evangelicalism. It does not. The ā€œEvangelicalā€ in Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada simply means ā€œPertaining to […]